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We at Vocational Services are the best admission consultants for students who wish to study abroad. We help you in transforming your career and offer guidance with the best knowledge we have gathered over the years in this field. We have the passion to make it happen for you and the number of students we have helped in getting admission abroad speaks for us. We help students who wish to study abroad in getting admission in reputed universities of UK, USA and Australia. We have been rated the number one admission consultants for students wishing to study abroad. We have built a reputation of trust and confidence among students and offer services that go beyond just admission consultancy. We help you from scratch and do counseling from time to time so as to relieve you from stress related to your admission. We follow the highest standards of professionalism and make sure that you get through a good university abroad in your preferred course.

• Not only do we help you in getting admission abroad but also offer other services like
• Application form filling
• Arrange for mock interviews and group discussions to prepare you
• Visa assistance
• Education loan facilities
• Help you in getting scholarship from colleges abroad
• Airport transfers and Help you in arranging for your lodging too

The students who have been trained through us have got accepted in the best colleges abroad and have further got jobs that offer lucrative salaries. We help students in forming the best foundation for their career so that they excel in whatever they do in the future. And that is not all, Eighty percent of our students who got admission abroad through us got employed within six months of completing their course. So why wait??? Just enroll with Vocational Services as we are the best admission consultants for your studies abroad and give a boost to your career…

Let us see top 10 universities across the globe :

Cambridge University UK: Cambridge is the second oldest university in England after Oxford. University of Cambridge is a public research university located in the city of Cambridge, England, UK. It has a great list of alumni including Sir Isaac Newton and Francis Bacon. Cambridge is also famous for Noble Prizes; researchers from University of Cambridge have won more Nobel Prizes than those of any other institution. It becomes a dream destination for students who want to study in UK.

Harvard University USA: This prestigious American university is located in Massachusetts. Harvard, established in 1636 is the oldest institution of higher learning in USA. It was the number one university for last seven years, currently is on second position across the globe. Eight US presidents, Martin Van Buren have graduated from Harvard University. It has largest academic library in the United States. Harvard has been dream destination for years for students across the World, willing to study in USA.

Yale University USA: Yale is one of the most prestigious universities in the world and third oldest institution of higher education in USA. Yale University is established in 1701 and situated in New Haven, Connecticut. Yale is the first US school to award the Ph.D. in 1861.

University College London UK: UCL, the first university in London was established in 1826. It was the first secular institute founded in England. University College London stands for ideas that are radical, bold and amicable to the needs of the world.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA: One of the best technical institutes in the World, MIT is a private research institute located in Massachusetts, USA. With five schools and one college, containing a total of 32 academic departments, it is best known for a strong emphasis on technological and scientific research.

University of Oxford UK: Oxford is the second oldest surviving university in the world and oldest in English speaking world. It is also known as the pride of United Kingdom. According to National Student Survey 2010, Oxford had an on the whole satisfaction rating of 93 per cent.

Imperial College London UK: Currently ranked on 7th in the world this university is located in London, UK. It is a science based university known for excellence in research and teaching. Imperial College attracts students across the globe who wants to study in UK. It is also known as largest medical school in Europe and has 14 Noble prize winners till now.

University of Chicago USA: UC is a private research university located in Chicago, USA. It is famous for scientific research and has 85 Noble prize laureates. Currently resides on 8th position in ranking this University enrolls around 5,000 students in the College and about 15,000 students overall.

California Institute of Technology USA: Private research University California Institute of Technology, commonly known as Caltech is located in Pasadena, California. Caltech has six academic divisions known for excellence in science and engineering.

Princeton University USA: It is a private research University located in Princeton, USA. Princeton provides undergraduate degrees in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering. Main campus has 180 buildings on 500 acres. Princeton is known for academic excellence in undergraduate degree and attracts students across the world who wants to study in USA.

As you can see above that Top 10 universities in the world are from USA and UK, this is the only reason for students choosing these two countries to study abroad.

So, mission ‘study abroad’ is possible with VOCATIONAL SERVICES. All you need to do is trust yourself and give us the opportunity to help you fulfill your dreams to fly high and and win the race of best career.

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